Equipment sales

WE are being supplied to the Mongolian construction market Energy efficient, heating, cooling and air-conditioning equipments that meet the international standards of European countries.

HVAC system equipment brands:

– Kampmann, Ruck, Stulz, Lindner, KSB, Hoval, 2VV, C & D, Cimberio, Clivet, Vents, Grad, Clint, BEKA

Software sales

Building Structural Design Program

1. Lira SCAP program calculates steel concrete and steel structures and bridge design calculations in extreme weather conditions and seismic conditions.

2. Monomach SUSP-program calculates the structural design of the Iron Concrete in extreme weather conditions and seismic conditions.

3. A three-dimensional design of Sapphire 3D – a program that can be used to convert Lira SCAP software into designing applications.

4. Сприм – An electronic manual and calculating program for building engineering design engineers

-LIRRA-САПР, ИОНКАТ, NanoCAD, MagicCAD, PV Simulation, Building Simulation