What is automatic construction control?

Many subsystems are built into the building. In addition to the systems that control and maintain the overall safety and soundness of the building such as fire alarm and surveillance system and surveillance cameras, it is necessary to install ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting systems to create a comfortable office and hospital building. These systems have their own management and control servers.

For example, a fire alarm system is managed only by an alarm panel. It does not connect to the surveillance camera. Also, heating and cooling systems are controlled by their own management and are not linked to the ventilation system. In so doing, there can be a number of different types of systems in a building that can not be interconnected.

As a result, engineers have a lot of difficulties, and many different system vendors need to learn. Also, an entire engineering team will need to work to correct any damage. The risk of accidents and accidents will be increased due to the fact that multiple systems can not be monitored simultaneously.

This increases the cost of the owners and the lessee. The way to reduce the cost of the building is to build an integrated construction and management system.

This system is expressed in three key concepts: Efficient, Safe and Comfortable. In other words, the integrated construction control and management system is a system that integrates the safe and comfortable environment. Simply put, construction control systems are built on traditional building systems, creating intelligent systems.

All of them are manageable and controlled.